Raelians, Drummers, Star Wars Troopers


Two weeks ago, while visiting Southern California to report on the activities of the local chapter of Anonymous anti-Scientology protesters (about which more, perhaps, later), I attended Pasadena’s approximately annual Doo Dah Parade and happened upon a harmonic convergence of Raelians, Star Wars troopers, high-school marching-band drummers, and flash-blinding California sunshine, which I captured and have reproduced here in hopes that someone among you can decipher its almost certainly prophetic message for me.



  1. RaelianGirl  •  Sep 26, 2009 @6:15 am
  2. RaelianGirl  •  Sep 26, 2009 @6:17 am

    Hi everyone! I’m from the Raelian Religion and if you wanna follow me you can do so at: http://twitter.com/RaelianGirl

    P.S I love the pic above, good job!

    With lots of love and beaming smiles,

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