The story so far:

I was born on February 23, 1963.

I grew up here.

I live here now.

And in between I went to college, lived in a foreign country, started a career.

I wrote some things.

Some things got written about me and about the things I wrote.

I made some good friends and not very much money.

But here’s the best part:

A nice picture of me and Lola.

That’s me and my daughter, Lola.

She was born a few years back.

And if it’s up to me, she’ll live happily ever after.


  1. Saud  •  Apr 8, 2009 @1:31 pm

    Hello, Mr. Dibbell.

    I have just finished listening to your book, Play Money, which I downloaded from and I am fascinated by your stories and online experiences. I do not understand why I’m sending this email, but I just thought it was the right thing to do.


  2. chris  •  Sep 18, 2009 @9:43 am

    dear mr dibbell,

  3. Rayen  •  Jan 20, 2010 @1:58 pm

    I have finished reading A Rape in Cyberspace. Interesting article.

    What would be your description of CyberSpace when writing that article.

  4. James  •  Mar 1, 2010 @1:15 pm

    Mr Dibbell,

    I have just finished the fascinating read that is A Rape in Cyberspace as research for my dissertation on cyber-persona and I found it a most interesting and thought-provoking read.

    Whilst I will be seeking your other books as soon as possible, could you recommend any other essays, books or authors that might be appropriate?

    Many thanks,

  5. Dragonmasterx  •  Mar 30, 2010 @12:59 pm

    I know I’m a little late in the coming, but I finished Play Money. I am unable to find any info on the state of rmt and was wonderinf if you could assist me. I was fascinated by the idea, and would like to give it a try.

  6. Dragonmasterx  •  Mar 30, 2010 @1:04 pm

    Sorry, I meant I was wondering if you could assist me or at least point me toward where I could find info on rmt.

  7. Dan Reed  •  Jul 3, 2010 @10:46 am

    Dear Jullian,

    I’m coming to the end of Play Money and I am fascinated! Back on 1999 when you guys were potentially looking at the posibilities of RMT on UO, I was 13 years old putting my little tower in the forest outside Despise on Oceania. My mum cancelled my account a year later due to an addiction to this synthetic world…little did EITHER of us know how that account could have made us real money!

    Now I’m coming to the end of my masters in Advertising and Marketing, where in my dissertation I want to look at the RMT in MMORPG’s as well as in the sale of virtual goods through social networking sites such as Facebook. Your book and papers just open a wealth of ideas and I just wanted to say thank you!

    I only wish I could have been around for the start of this process, as I’m sure if you scower Ebay now you’ll notice (especially over the last year) MMORPG RMT’s are viertually (no pun intended!) non existant!

    I would love to have some talks with you about this subject, and also relive the good ol’ days of Blackthorne’s Revenge!

    Kind regards,

    (Northamptonshire, England)

  8. Robin Ashworth  •  Apr 28, 2013 @7:01 am

    ….blue tongues…..cute

    I’ve been working on happily ever after for my daughter, too.

  9. Willer Pos  •  Apr 14, 2015 @4:02 am

    Dear Mr. Dibbell,

    My name is Willer Pos and I’m from Brazil. Recently I have the opportunity to go through your text about Brasilia. And I specially read your contact with a lady called Efigenia Bicalho, a person that I have long time known. It is a quite reveling text in which Efigenia reports the encounter with Juscelino Kubitchek in her early childhood. Exciting and easy reading text. The bad news is that Efigenia is at her final days lying on a hospital bed in Brasilia.

    Willer Pos

  10. Rawan  •  Jul 23, 2015 @8:06 pm

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