The Long List


Radical Opacity

Christopher “moot” Poole created 4chan, an online community where people are free to be wrong. Now big investors want a piece of his ideas. MIT Technology Review


The Assclown Offensive: How to Enrage the Church of Scientology

Anonymous and the rise of Project Chanology. Wired magazine

The Chinese Game Room: Play, Productivity, and Computing at Their Limits

Searle’s thought experiment rethought for the age of online games. Artifact

Future of Social Media: Is a Tweet the New Size of a Thought?

Wired/Ars Technica “Dual Perspectives”

The Future of Money: The Return of the Gold Standard

Wired/Ars Technica “Dual Perspectives”

Book review: Randall Stross’s “Planet Google”

Ottawa Citizen


The Decline and Fall of an Ultra-Rich Gaming Empire

Brock Pierce and the story of IGE. Wired magazine

Lego films: introducing the new Harrison Ford

A new breed of home-made animated movies is using Lego people as stars. UK Telegraph

Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses: Put the Blame on Griefers, the Sociopaths of the Virtual World

Wired magazine

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